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All persons requiring access will first need to be issued a token.
If you have received a token but not used it for the first time, click here to create a PIN.
 If you do not have a token, please call the Helpdesk for information or to open an RFS.

NOTICE!  DO NOT UPGRADE TO INTERNET EXPLORER 7!! It is not yet compatible with many of the remote access applications.


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Physician Access   Novius Radiology Radianse Micromedex
HLA - Isensix   Pharmacy   Bernoulli   Tobacco Cessation Self-Study
Soarian Clinical Access (and HIM)   Kronos   Prowatch   >>  Physician Survey - EMR
Pathfinder   OTTR   Optasia    
PACS   RAS   Cbord    
OBLink   EHS   I.H.S.    
Outlook Email 2003   Softmed   Dialogic    
Intranet Homepage   EMTrack   Goodroe    
PeopleSoft Self Service
(unavailable 2 am - 4 am)
  Homecare   Timeless    
    Home Drives / Desktops   N-Compass    
        NRG Controls    


   For instructions on connecting to the Intranet option, click here.
   For instructions on connecting to the Server Apps or Vendor Apps options, click here.

    Access to this system is for authorized individuals only. All access is monitored and logged.
    Any attempts at illegal access will be referred to the appropriate law enforcement entities for prosecution.