RSA Token Connection Instructions for
PinnacleHealth Remote  Intranet



Once you've received a token, it is recommended that you preview the online demo, which explains the basic concepts on function and usage of the Token. The demo is available by clicking here

Please read these instructions in their entirety before attempting to connect for the first time.

1. Verify that your browser is Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher, and has 128-bit cipher strength. To check this, open Internet Explorer and on the menu bar click "Help," then "About." A window will open with version and security information (see below).

Figure 1

If the browser is not at the required version or security level, it must first be upgraded. Version 6.0 can be downloaded from the Microsoft website at this address:

2. Configure PinnacleHealth as a trusted site in Internet Explorer. Open Internet Explorer and click on Tools, then Internet Options. Click on the Security tab, then click the Trusted Sites icon (see Figure 2 below). Click on the Sites button, then add * as a trusted site (see Figure 3 below). Make sure that the checkbox labeled "Require server verification" is NOT checked, then click OK, then OK again to save the settings.

Figure 2


Figure 3




3. Connect to the PinnacleHealth web portal. In the Internet Explorer address bar type in .  The available Intranet, Server and Vendor apps are displayed on this page. There is also a link to create a PIN if this is the first time you are using your token (This is now under the Help section).

Figure 4

4. Create a PIN. If you have already created a PIN and used your token, skip to step 5. If not, click the HELP button, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click here to create a PIN. You will see the RSA token PIN creation screen (see Figure 5 below). Enter your Pinnacle network logon ID in the "Username" area. This is the same logon ID you use to log into the network from your work PC every day (non-Pinnacle personnel will have been issued a logon ID with the token). In the "PASSCODE" area, enter the six-digit code that is displayed on your RSA token. You will then be in "New PIN mode" and the window will change to the PIN creation screen (see Figure 6 below).

Enter an alphanumeric PIN that is 6 - 8 characters in length, then enter it again to verify and click "Send." If your PIN is accepted you will be taken back to the screen in Figure 5. Wait until the code on your token changes to the next number. Enter your username, and for the passcode enter your PIN plus the code displayed on your token. This PIN+Tokencode combination is what you will enter from this point on in the "PASSCODE" area. If you entered everything correctly, a verification window will appear. You may close this window and return to the Web Portal page.


Figure 5


Figure 6


5. Select Intranet applications (Physician Access, Soarian HIM, PACS, Outlook Email, Remote Desktop) are available under the Intranet Apps heading. (If your application is listed under Server Apps or Vendor Apps, please stop here and select the instructions for connecting to those applications from the portal page.) Select your application and a login window will appear.

6. Load the Citrix Client Software for either Windows or MAC OS(Initial user per computer)(For Help loading Citrix go to HELP on initial portal page)

Once Citrix is installed---Enter User name, network password, and created Pin + Token Code

Either click on Pinnacle Intranet Home to get to apps such as Clinical Portal, Physician Portal, Pinnacle Home Page, Outlook Web

Or click on Remote Desktop if you would like to connect to your pc at Pinnacle.

Enter your exact computer name

Make sure that you enter the phsnt\ before your user name, followed by your network password

Once you are done connecting to your pc

Clicking on – will allow you to minimized the connected screen to go back over to your personal pc.

Click the X at the top of the screen to disconnect and leave your applications running

Click “Log Off” and close your browser



8. Troubleshooting. Most issues are a result of not correctly entering the PIN+Tokencode, not having administrator access on the PC, not adding * to the Trusted Sites in Internet Explorer, or having a popup blocker which interferes with the installation of the VPN client. Disable any popup blockers and review the above directions thoroughly to ensure your settings are correct. If you still have problems connecting, contact the PinnacleHealth Helpdesk at 231-8870.

9. Disable Norton Internet Security